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Life after Graduation for an Electrochemist

December 6th, 2019


2:30pm - Opening Comments

2:45pm - Dr. Ngoc Duc Trinh - R&D director at Institut des communications Graphiques et de l'Imprimabilité

3:05pm - Dr. David Lepage - Senior research assistant at the UdeM's department of chemistry

3:25pm - Dr. Matteo Duca - Development and Scientific Affairs director at CQMF

4:00pm - Panel Q&A with Prof. Steen Schougaard (Professor and director of the UQAM's department of Chemistry), Dr. Isabelle Pelletier (Patent Agent and Partner at GGD), Dr. Jean-Christophe Daigle (Researcher at Hydro-Québec) and Dr. Alban Morel (Researcher at NRC).

5:00pm - Wine and cheese

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